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Alan Ferentz
Retired Committed Relationship
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Angela (Angie) Samuelson (Pitcock)
Retired Married 1
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Barb Long (Miller )
Retired Married 2
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Carolyn Favors (Cox)
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Christine Morris (Easler)
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Connie J Coyle (TAYLOR)
RN Married 4
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Craig Trimble
Real Estate Sales Married 2
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retired Married 2
YOUR class reunion organizing committee has been working very hard to put a 50th reunion together. Date, facility, activities, food, drink and cost have been considered. Having to commit in advance of knowing how many of YOU want to attend has made this effort very trying, but YOUR committee has worked hard to make something work, not only for YOUR class but classes in both directions from the class of 1967. We hope to attract some from the class of 1965, 1966 and 1968. We know Arlington received students from many different grade schools around the area including 53, 92, 98, 11 and I bet I left out a couple as well. Please help us contact those you might know that would enjoy attending what might be OUR last class reunion. Help us bring the old community back together again. We all have memories of those who we grew up with. Some are gone, some are not doing so well and some have moved away. We cannot accept "walk ups" the evening of the reunion. The planing just won't allow it. We must know how many will be attending so that the plans can be finalized. So think hard about who you have stayed in touch with and ask them if they are going to attend. Ask them to help contact others as well. We need all the help we can get. Check the list, sign up, send a check and look forward to a fun evening. 

The planing continues as a golf outing for Sunday  morning is in the works. A tour of Arlington High School has been scheduled for Saturday. A possible gathering of friends Friday night is also in the works. The killer to all this is not knowing how many of YOU will or will not attend. You have to let us know NOW!
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Home Inspector none Married 2
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Dianne (Debbie) Browne (Armitage)
Writer Married 2
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